We have another EFS COMBUST Winner over the weekend at Summit Point Raceway.


Mike Meathead Collins takes his first win of the season in his new SSM Miata, powered with EFS Combust on board. One of our Distributor's Driving Impressions is a sponsor of the North East Road Race Championship Series. If you look closely you can see a bottle of EFS Combust on the banner below Mike's left arm. As our saying goes "CATCH US IF YOU CAN"  Great drive Mike, we look forward to posting more podium finishes this year!! Want to have an edge over your competition? You need to get a bottle of EFS Combust this product is SCCA fuel protocol legal!!  This product is the cheapest horse power you can buy. Lightning in a bottle!! Our drivers finishing on podium keep proving how well it works. We also have a new product for the engine, gearbox and rear. WE LOVE WINNING!! if you do too let us help with our high tech products.