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The One Eyed Monster! Vern Chevalier won two races and the Pirelli P Zero Tire Award in The Stuttgart Cup at the HSR Sebring Support Races last weekend and earned some Battle Scars along the way. A few flesh wounds and one less headlight didn't slow down this big 3.8-liter Cayman S from Bodymotion Racing at all. Nice job by team, driver and crew!

THE NUMBER 31  EFS Combust  Cayman finished  4th  at Sebring


Team Bodymtion dialed the EFS Cayman in for race day. The car qualified 11th. Rabe jumped in and started the race making his way to 5th.   Low jumped in at the halfway point taking the car to 3rd. The officials gave Rabe a penalty and we had to do a drive thru. Back out in 11th Low drove the wheels off the car all the way back to 4th. The car was by far the fastest car on the track all we needed was a yellow to come out it never did and just not enough time to catch the leader. Both drivers and teams best finish to date in the Continental Tires series. Great job by all  it was a great race too be a part of. EFS COMBUST



RACE RESULTS from NJMP Thunderbolt  The EFS Combust CAYMANS take podium finishes!!!  VERN in the number 24 Finishes first in class Scott in his number 87 finished 3rd in class. WAY TO GO!!!

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