2 Cycle

CFS Combust Ignite Everything

EFS Combust 2 cycle oil/fuel additive


  • A one pour bottle with 2cycle and fuel additive all in one.
  • Allows the use of 87 octane when 93 is required. The product provides a 99% burn rate in the cylinder preventing detonation issues due to low octane fuel.
  • The EFS Combust Gas Additive reformulates and shortens the hydrocarbon chains in the fuel.
  • Neutralizes the ill effects of Ethanol in today’s pumped fuel. The result is a more even, consistent and complete combustion of the fuel. The product prevents the fuel from fuel phase separation for up to 2yrs. Helps prevent hydroscopic water attraction from the Ethanol fuel.
  • Stops the deterioration of rubber gas lines, fuel pump diaphragms, carburetor gaskets.
  • Combustion temperatures are reduced by an average of 10%.
  • The improved combustion produces a measurable increase in horsepower and torque in mid range of the power band. Dyno proven
  • Independent laboratories have verified an increase in lubricity of 8% reducing wear and providing for greater intervals between engine overhauls.

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5oz Bottle treats up to 75 gallons


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New Tip and Measure Bottle

16oz Bottle treats up to 225 gallons


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