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EFS Combust Marine fuel additive


  • The EFS Combust Marine fuel Additive reformulates and shortens the hydrocarbon chains in the fuel.
  • EFS Combust neutralizes the ill effects of Ethanol in today’s pumped fuel. The result is a more even, consistent and complete combustion of the fuel.
  • The product prevents the ethanol fuel from fuel phase separation for up to 2yrs. Helps prevent hydroscopic water attraction from the Ethanol fuel. This is a very common issue with vented marine fuel tanks.
  • The product stops the deterioration of rubber gas lines, fuel pump diaphragms, carburetor gaskets.
  • Combustion temperatures are reduced by an average of 10%.
  • The improved combustion produces a measurable increase in horsepower and torque in mid range of the power band. Dyno  proven
  • Independent laboratories have verified an increase in lubricity of 8% reducing wear and providing for greater intervals between engine overhauls.
  • Makes the fuel perform like it has lead in the fuel needed for older marine applications.

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5oz Bottle treats up to 75 gallons


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16oz Bottle treats up to 225 gallons


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