Lightning In A Bottle  

    Let's cut right to the chase: Fuel additives have a bad reputation in our world. They go by all sorts of name-modifiers, enhancers, booters- but one unifying term seems to stick to the like glue: snake oil. Like those supposedly medicinal liniments peddled at the 19th-century sideshows, they don't work, they're overpriced, and they're sold by con artists.
    Or are they?
    A new advertiser of ours, EFS Combust, says they're different. They claim that their fuel additive isn't snake oil, just science-and that it actually works. We decided to put their claim to the test using our dynamometer.

Focus on the Additive

    Face it: Strange, neon-green bottles of mystery liquid don't exactly scream "Trust your car's engine to me!"
    This point was driven home when we walked through GRM headquarters asking for someone to volunteer a project car for the test.

Give it a try

5oz Bottle treats up to 75 gallons


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New Tip and Measure Bottle

16oz Bottle treats up to 225 gallons


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