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How it Works

EFS Combust achieves catalytic changes that modify the stoichiometric point in the fuel, allowing a leaner combustion, and optimizing the power extracted per unit of fuel. There are minor but relevant molecular changes that change burning properties and ease by which BTUs can be extracted from the fuel.

As an example, it seems illogical that platinum when heated can extract water from exhaust, but a catalytic reaction takes nominal energy and can trigger significant results. This is how a catalytic converter reduces pollutants.

Our product is seemingly as benign as the piece of platinum. We will not explain exactly how we do what we do for very logical competitive reasons as we want to keep some trade secrets to ourselves.

The fact is newer modern gasoline engines are getting more efficient at burning almost all the fuel put into the combustion chamber. They are using exhaust gas re-circulation and engine control units that assist the engines to burn the fuel better and with less emissions than ever before. That being said, the engines are still plagued with computers that will run them rich.  They use lean burn settings for the injectors and control the timing to optimize the performance.

The question to ask is, Are the engines so good that we can get rid of the catalytic converter? We think not, in fact they are efficient not by design, but by crutch. They use the EGR and the catalytic converter, the O2 sensors, and on the fly air/fuel mixing, to get the engine to try and burn as much of the fuel to achieve low emissions.

Our product works much like some of the current fuel modification technologies work. Catalytic modification of fuel to achieve key properties is well known, and such products have been available and used successfully for years. The complexity of the fuel business and the cost of selling additives means that only the largest consumers of the roughest fuels used these additives first. Shipping fleet operators have been dealing with additives for decades in order to improve fuel performance and reduce pollution.

Given the economic pressures to reduce fuel cost, the opportunity is now here for EFS to shine brightly. Here is some of what you can expect by using EFS Combust:

-       Increases in both horsepower and torque

-       Significant reduction in emissions

-       Extended engine life

-       Reduction in engine operating temperatures


Be sure to try EFS Combust today and start to truly… Ignite Everything


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