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    The Benefits


    Increase horsepower and torque through out the power band, both part and full throttle, noticeable seat of the pants feel in improvement. Durability will be increased as a result of lower operating temperatures, that results in long term savings on wear and tear on your engine. You will increase horse power and torque, up to 5% more in each! Emissions are also significantly reduced as a result of burning more fuel. We have tested the product and welcome you to test as well.


    What it Does


    EFS Combust restructures the fuel so it burns more efficiently in the combustion chamber giving you a noticeable increases in horsepower and torque Reduction in operating temperatures. Reduction in emissions Increased engine life. Works in all combustion engines and fuels. Stabilizes your fuel, protecting you from Ethanol fuel phase separation for up to two years. This product has been Dyno PROVEN.
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    Get Green Speed!


    Scott Leder set his fastest time ever! He was using EFS Combust in his ITC Cayman race car at Sebring this year. He also just set his fastest time at Watkins Glen!




    At NJMP we qualified 1st in S2 on 87 pump gas and EFS COMBUST. Approved by the SCCA for all racing groups. Power, torque and big, big savings over 9.59 a gallon race fuel. What are you waiting for? Fuel usage this weekend...12 gallons. 87 pump fuel at $3.23 = $38.76 plus one ounce of EFS Combust at $4.00 = $42.76 in fuel for the race weekend. If I had bought 110 octane fuel at the track at $9.59 a gallon it would have cost me $115.08. I saved $72.32 in fuel cost and still qualified first in S2000.

Give it a try

5oz Bottle treats up to 75 gallons


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New Tip and Measure Bottle

16oz Bottle treats up to 225 gallons


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Combust Gas

Combust Improves Gasoline Performance
Helps reduce emissions and nitrogen oxide. Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide see moderate reductions.


Combust Diesel

Combust Imroves Diesel Performance
The improved combustion produces a measurable increase horsepower + torque from idle to maximum RPM.


Combust Marine

EFS Combust Improves Marine Performance
Makes the fuel perform like it has lead in the fuel needed for older marine applications.


Combust 2 Cycle

EFS Combust improves 2 Cycle Performance
The product provides a 99% burn rate in the cylinder preventing detonation issues due to low octane fuel.